Other Therapies Joanne Permaul Homoeopath BA(Hons) DSH MARH

Joanne Permaul Homoeopath BA(Hons) DSH MARH


Joanne is a Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and has had a love for homeopathy all her life. It was in 2010 that she retrained as a homeopath following a teaching career and now likes to provide patients with clear explanations as to how homeopathy works? and the benefits it has on improving health for young and old alike.

Joanne is particularly interested in Allergies and Intolerances and is able to test for allergies using Applied Kinesiology, having studied with the British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy. She loves treating children and young people and has an excellent understanding of how education, adoption and family circumstances affect personal health and how homeopathy can treat a range of chronic conditions in both child and adulthood.

Outside of practising homeopathy Joanne has two children, is a keen reader and loves cycling.